Aesthetician Brylee Hardison LA

Meet Brylee

Hello everyone! My name is Brylee Hardison and I'm the Aesthetician at LIP Med Spa. I have always loved skincare and personally struggled with my own skin, so I sought out to do something I knew I would love... Esthetics! I knew that I wanted to help people with their skin, as well as make them feel beautiful inside in out! I went to Ann Webb Skin Insitute in Austin, and got my esthetics license as well as my laser technician license. Here at LIP, I do facials, chemical peels, microneedling, laser hair removal, dermaplaning, waxing services, lash lifts, and brow laminations! A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Austin! I have 2 fur babies named Doc, and Lyla. My favorite color is pink. I also love Thanksgiving and so do my dogs :) I can't wait to see you in my room for the skin of your dreams!! 


We offer a variety of facials for people of all ages and concerns.

Diamond glow: 30 mins

Cleanse and steam, extractions if needed, diamond glow treatment uses targeted serum, and SPF

Teen facial: 45 mins (with 15 mins consult) 

*15 min consult added on to time*

Cleanse and steam, extractions if needed, exfoliation/enzyme (depending on skin concern) targeted mask, targeted serum, and SPF


Customized facial: 75 mins (with 15 min consult)

Top 3 skin concerns: acne, anti aging, and pigmentation

*15 min consult added on to time*

Acne facial: cleanse with targeted cleanser and steam, exfoliation/enzyme to clean up pores, targeted extractions if needed, targeted mask (depending level of acne), phyto corrective serum and SPF (can add on peel) 

Anti aging: cleanse and steam, exfoliation/enzyme to get rid of dry skin, hydrating mask, hydrating serum and SPF (can add on peel and dermaplane) 

Brightening facial: cleanse with targeted cleanser and steam, exfoliation/enzyme to get rid of dead skin, brightening mask, discoloration defense serum, SPF (can add on PCA with hydroquinone peel, or dermplane)


Come get you lashes and brows done with Brylee.

Lash Tint: 15-20 mins, 25$

During a lash tinting session, a specialized dye will be applied to the lashes using a small brush or wand. The dye is chosen to match the client's desired shade. After a brief development period, the dye is gently removed, leaving the lashes noticeably darker, fuller, and defined, enhancing the client's overall eye appearance.

Brow Tint: 15-20 mins, 25$

During a brow tinting session, a semi-permanent dye is applied to the eyebrows, enhancing their color and definition. The technician carefully selects a dye shade that complements the client's natural hair color and desired look. After a short processing time, the dye is gently removed, leaving the eyebrows tinted, providing a fuller appearance and framing the face with well-defined brows.

Lash Lift: 30 mins, 85$

During a lash lift session, a gentle perming solution is used to curl and lift the natural lashes from the root. The lashes are positioned on a silicone pad to create a customized curl that suits the client's preferences and eye shape. After the perming solution is applied, a setting lotion is used to lock in the curl. The result is lifted and curled lashes that create the illusion of longer, more voluminous lashes.

Brow Lamination: 30 mins, 85$

During a brow lamination session, a specialized technique is used to reshape and redefine the eyebrows. The process involves applying a chemical solution to the brow hairs, which softens them, allowing them to be sculpted into a desired shape. The technician then uses a brow brush to carefully position the hairs in an upward direction and applies a setting lotion to hold them in place. The result is a lifted and laminated eyebrows.


We offer other treatments ranging from hair removal to scar treatment.

Laser hair removal: 10-30 mins depending on area of treatment

Area must be shaved before hand and ultrasound gell is applied to area of treatment.

Micro needling

45 minutes (numbing for 30 and treatment for 15 minutes) 

Skin must not have any infection or injury prior to treatment

Small perforations are made in the skin using a device to increase collagen deposition which helps to reduce old scarring and strengthen skin.